WriteCamp for Businesses

WriteCamp helps businesses create demand-driven copywriting, brand messaging, email campaigns, offline marketing materials and social media assets using a moveable feast of copywriting talent.
How does it work?

Create a WriteCamp profile in 3-5 minutes with your business name, industry sector, location, and content requirements.

Use the WriteCamp platform to create a detailed copy brief in 5-10 minutes.

Based on your profile and project criteria, WriteCamp notifies select members of our copy team, opening the bidding or project acceptance process to qualified copywriters.What sets us apart?


Our custom-developed software offers unrivaled efficiencies of cost and scale in content delivery.

Ease of Use

Never post a Craigslist ad again. Our current copy team represents 15 major languages with experience in the most competitive verticals and challenging business environments.

Talent Pool

WriteCamp copywriters are categorized according to level of education, interests, and copywriting experience. Need an op-ed from a multilingual Ph.D in Bioethics who never misses a deadline? We have one of those.

Attention to Detail

Tone, message and demographic targeting to reflect your immediate goals, long-term strategy and defining business philosophy.
Still not sure?

Check out a full list of our copywriting services or request a software demo from the WriteCamp account team – content strategy brainstorm in 10 minutes or less.