After sifting through thousands of CVs, hiring (and firing!) hundreds of freelancers and staff copywriters, and publishing content into the millions of words, we sat down and tried to a get a little smarter about things.

WriteCamp uses some nifty in-house software and an extensive pool of copywriting talent to deliver better content, quicker and for less money.

Project criteria – like budget, length, language, medium, target demographic, and tone of voice – are matched with writers according to availability, education, experience, interest, and pay grade.

Professionals, small businesses, enterprises and organizations can utilize WriteCamp for content provision across major languages, international markets and a range of media. Check out the links below for detailed service descriptions:
Branding, Rebranding and Messaging
Website Copywriting
SEO Copywriting
PPC ad copy
Copywriting for Print
Content for Email Marketing
Social Media Publishing

Sign-up and use of WriteCamp is free for both clients and copywriters. WriteCamp charges an x% fee on top of the list or bid contract price to cover the service.