Social Media Management Opportunities

First it was Facebook and Twitter, then came Instagram and Pinterest. Who knows what those crazy social media kids are up to these days? You do. That’s why you’re here and that’s why we want you working with WriteCamp.

Organizations know they need a social media presence, but beyond putting a few catchy icons on the home page they don’t know what happens next and most can’t (or won’t) afford to pay someone full time.

We field requests from all kinds of companies looking for social identity assistance from talented communicators. You might be able to help them with:

Account and profile creation
Ongoing account management
Facebook page creation and updates
Twitter monitoring and posting

In addition to providing work opportunities for budding social media maniacs, WriteCamp helps you stay on top of your game. Since you no longer have to waste time looking for jobs, you might as well spend it learning the latest in social media strategy and talking communication theory with fellow campers. Choose from our extensive collection of educational social media courses any time, day or night. Need something specific? Use WriteCamp’s inline communication system to ask colleagues for help or provide assistance to those in need.