Copywriter Training

As with any profession, copywriting is a specialized skill that requires patience, passion and instruction…tasks made even more difficult by the ever-changing landscape of writing for the web. Whether you just got into the field or you’ve been stringing sentences for years, chances are your pencil could use a little sharpening.

That’s where we come in.

WriteCamp offers several different ways to learn in an effort to create an ongoing learning environment where writers are getting paid to learn the tricks of the trade. So while you’re writing and gaining valuable work experience you’re also evolving to make yourself more marketable to employers. Plus we help make sure your time is spent on pertinent, relevant matters and not the next MySpace.

Interactive courses

The reason we started WriteCamp is because we know what we’re doing and want to share our success with you. Six-week courses are taught by WriteCamp employees and range from copywriting basics all the way up to high-level SEO theory. Ask questions, deliberate with classmates and complete assignments on your way to becoming a certified camper. Employers will be able to see you’ve completed these courses, which means more confidence in the product for them and more money for you.

On demand demonstrations

Quick and to the point, these 10-minute videos expand on ideas we can only touch on during the interactive courses. Skip to the parts that are relevant to you or use it to brush up on rusty practices. The WriteCamp collection of videos is waiting for you 24-hours a day on our website for your convenience.

Peer-to-peer instruction

Say you come to WriteCamp with a PhD in English but zero knowledge of social media. Make a note in your profile and our software will connect you with a Twitter wizard who is having trouble with misplaced modifiers. Get in touch via email or Skype and share what you know while you learn at your own pace from an expert in their field.