SEO Assignments

An uneducated web user types a search term into Google and gladly accepts whatever the evil algorithm spits out. But an experienced SEO writer knows what to search for and why.

SEO got a bad rap when articles were low on content and high on keyword density (think early-to-mid 2012). Since then, more aggressive spam detection techniques and search engine penalties have changed the way the game is played.

What does that mean for writers?

Content quality matters now more than ever, which puts your services in higher demand. Gone are the days of companies paying chop houses to produce misspelled and grammatically-incorrect articles. That journalism degree is actually worth something again.

Does more money mean more work?

If you want to get paid premium rate, bring your client communication, market research and wordsmithing A-game. Write something you’d want to share with you friends or be proud of have grandma put it on the fridge.

How do I get started?

If you’ve written copy before then you’re halfway there. Freshen up on current SEO practices with one of our ongoing education courses or chat with fellow campers about their theories and practices. Then browse the job listings. We’re currently seeking:

Web copy writers in Milwaukee
Web copy writers in Scotland