The Places

11What started as a humble idea shared between friends at a pub in London evolved into prototype WriteCamp outposts in Spain and Bulgaria where we wrote a ton of copy, met a bunch of great people in the biz and had a blast doing it. Now we’re headquartered in Austin, Texas with support teams stationed in the United Kingdom, Australia and Bulgaria.

Most importantly, WriteCamp is wherever you need it to be.

We currently have writers roaming the National Park system in the southwestern United States, another posting articles from a hostel in north Italy, content managers working from home in South Africa and a hipster geek in Brooklyn sending tweets and likes across the globe. Depending on the time of day there is probably a writer sitting in a coffee shop creating content for WriteCamp. If you’ve got internet access you can work with us.

The businesses that employ our deep pool of freelancers range from attorneys in Chicago to restaurants in Dubai. Wedding photographers in Berlin to film companies in Bangalore. If you’ve got a need for online marketing and web content then WriteCamp can help you, no matter where you are. Our flexibility and scope of service are what set us apart, no matter what time zone you’re in.