Writing can be a lonely job filled with late nights and weird gigs, which is why we designed our software to put you in touch with employers and fellow writers. The web-based application can be used at any time on any platform so you dictate the terms of your engagement. And because the last thing you need is another ‘thing’ cluttering your workspace, we made it simple and straight forward – easy to learn and extremely powerful at the same time.

How it works with employers:

After signing up you’ll be asked a few questions to help complete your WriteCamp profile. This information is used to tailor job listings based on your interests, experience and other criteria. After you’ve completed a few assignments the program gets really cool: the more work you complete the better we understand you preferences and suggest suitable projects. If you establish yourself as a museum junkie the system will give you first crack at content in the arts & culture genre before releasing them into the system. You’ll still be able to browse job listings but the program makes it so you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Employers can even create assignments just for you that can’t be snatched up by anybody else.

How it works with other writers:

The WriteCamp profile is like a business card, so it is easy to find people working on similar projects or contact other writers to get advice. If you’re the shy type, WriteCamp makes it easy to network by using your profile to put you in touch with other writers who have worked for the same employer or have similar interests. You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in our peer-to-peer instruction program, which connects writers wanting to improve their skill set with a camper colleague who has established himself as an expert in that field.

With our software you’ll be able to:

Find jobs that fit your habits
Track assignments
Invoice clients and send reminders
Keep track of payments
Share advice with fellow content creators