Copywriting for SEO

Need content to feed the Googlemonster? Copywriting for SEO now encompasses pretty much everything you publish on the web – on your site, on your blog, on your friend’s blog and on your friend’s mom’s blog.

Thanks to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook the production and consumption of content on the web is becoming an increasingly social activity. What, where, when, how and who you publish for feed into your web presence, affecting searchability, findability and business success in general.

There is no such a thing as ‘copywriting for SEO’ anymore. Search engine optimisation and publishing for the web are more closely related than ever, and eventually the two will become indistinguishable.

Scared yet? Don’t be.

Inculcating writers with good marketing and search optimisation fundamentals is a big part of our value proposition for business users. Whether you’re looking at an overhaul of your website copy, regular contributions to your blog or content curation for your Twitter feed, WriteCamp has you covered.