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WriteCamp was borne of an ongoing need for well-written copy. When we looked around and saw the way business was being conducted between writers and their employers it seemed like a big opportunity.

We considered the typical freelancer struggle – no jobs, unrealistic expectations, missing payments, hard deadlines – and decided to facilitate a change. WriteCamp’s custom-built content ordering and project management system allows writers to log on from anywhere in the world and browse job listings filtered to suit their interests and skill set. It’s a big concept, but we’ve broken down the services we provide here:

Copywriting jobs
Social media management opportunities
SEO assignments
Copywriter training
Web design and development internships
Collaborative software & community

Most times, being a writer is a labor of love paid in peanuts and handshakes – we know because we’ve shaken a lot of hands and eaten more peanuts than we care to count.

There’s no signup fee for writers, and WriteCamp will always be free to use. In fact, there’s no signup fee for clients either – we add a small service charge to the price of each project and handle the payments to prevent hassles for either side.