Copywriting jobs

In a perfect world copywriters would be paid buckets of money to work on projects they’re vested in while producing inspired work that exceeds client expectations and creates actionable results.

The unfortunate reality is that writers are poor and businesses miss more content marketing opportunities than they make.

A good writer knows what his copy is worth and, increasingly, so does a good client. Which is why you won’t find any unpaid gigs on our site. The good stuff takes time, and that’s what we’re here to deliver.

As such, we believe writers should spend more time working and less time looking for work. We offer a wide array of job listings in the following fields:

Blog posts
SEO articles
Web copy
Marketing materials
Company descriptions and bios
Property descriptions
Local content

Not only does WriteCamp offer some of the best copywriting jobs on the internet, we keep clients honest. Employers making unreasonable demands or missing payments will be put on notice and eventually dismissed from the system if they keep up the bad behavior. Writers are held accountable as well, if your content isn’t up to snuff then it’s a demotion to a lower pay grade.

We may sound tough but the result is a group of happy people working together to create something everybody can all be proud of.