Web Design and Development Internships

The internet doesn’t just shit out beautiful websites like an Andre 3000- Erykah Badu lovechild. Careful analysis goes into reading the way users view a web site and then composing a guide to lead their eyeballs through the fog to what you want them to see. Even the smallest decision – say the background color – dictates how effective the copy is. And putting all those design pieces together behind the scenes can be an even bigger headache.

Rather than turning in your assignments and sticking your head in the sand, WriteCamp gets you involved. We tackle tough stuff like:

The necessity of usability
Basic HTML, CSS and other web-important acronyms
Headers, image tags, body copy and all the other elements that come together to make a site
Finding a post-postmodern approach to website metadata
Application of web-based software
Browser, OS and device targeting considerations
Keyword research and usage fundamentals
Predicting the future of web design

WriteCamp’s tutelage is backed by a team of IT experts and technogeeks who live and breathe design, development and database work day in and day out. Cut your teeth alongside the specialists, asking questions and learning as you go. When finished you’ll be able to navigate the nether reaches and inner workings of the web – and add some serious clout to your CV.

Want to know how your articles help sell cheeseburgers in Luxembourg? You’ve come to the right place. Curious how Google rankings work? We can (try to) tell you. Want to be able to make a killer website you can sell? No problem.